JADOS – Jake’s Amazing Disc Operating System

I’ve now written over 550 lines of Python 3.1 for Jake’s Amazing Disc Operating System. It’s a command line interface which performs a variety of functions of varying usefulness. It’s similar to DOS in many ways but with a few (I think) improvements here and there (and of course a whole lot less functionality…I ain’t microsoft!). Some things it can do:

  • Numbered directory listings – you can get a numbered directory listing with the DIR command. You can then use these numbers to select/alter these files. Saves a bit of typing!
  • Bulk rename (find and replace in filename)
  • Bulk delete
  • File lists (you can refer to a bunch of files by a comma-seperated list of numbers, e.g. “DEL 1, 4, 6, 7-9” would delete files 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9) see here
  • Count the number of files in a directory or the number of lines in all text files within a directory (useful for seeing just how much programming you’ve done – I now know that I’ve written tens of thousands of lines!)
  • Create hashes from strings (I’ve found this useful when making websites…)
  • Keep a todo list (view, add and delete items)
  • Search within a directory
  • Read text files
  • Navigate to the parent directory with the UP command. Navigate up x levels by typing UP x (so much quicker than DOS!)
  • Encode/decode your data using JFQUEA*
  • You can even update your twitter status!

Some features which are in the pipeline:

  • Copy/paste
  • Encrypt/decrypt files/strings using some sensible algorithm(s)
  • Bulk image resizing (JPG)
  • Bulk audio encoding (MP3)
  • Basic text-based web browser (for browsing at work whilst looking busy :D)

*JFQUEA = Jakes Frankly Quite Useless Encryption Algorithm


About Mr Chimp

I make music, draw pictures, browse the internet, programme, and make sweet, sweet cups of tea until the early hours.
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5 Responses to JADOS – Jake’s Amazing Disc Operating System

    • Mr Chimp says:

      Wow! You replied so quick that your comment got here an hour in future! It’s not quite ready for public release yet but I’ll mail it over…

    • Mr Chimp says:

      btw, how are you keeping track of this blog? RSS? F5?

      • Skilldrick says:

        I visit every 5 minutes, night and day, and refresh :)

        Not really… You’re in my Google Reader. It’s on my iGoogle so whenever I check that I see if there’s anything new.

        Put it on github! I’m getting the hang of it now… have a chat about it later if you want.

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