Firefox Search Bar Shortcut

If you press Ctrl+E in Firefox your cursor will be positioned in the search bar.

Loves it.


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4 Responses to Firefox Search Bar Shortcut

  1. Skilldrick says:

    …and if you use Chrome and you press F6 then your cursor will be positioned in the search bar *and* in the address bar, like some kind of crazy quantum entanglement…

  2. Mr Chimp says:

    True, but Chrome lacks Firefox/IEs option of entering “google” and pressing ctrl+enter to autocomplete it to “”…and greasemonkey…and the webdev toolbar…and it’s only google search only…etc

    No web browser is perfect…

    (because I haven’t made one yet!)

    • Skilldrick says:

      Actually, chrome does do that, but it also autocompletes to by the time you’ve typed “go”, so actually to go to google all you need to do is press “go” and enter :)

      Yes, there’s no webdev toolbar, and I do use Firefox for that occasionally, but Chrome inspector is getting better all the time…

      Anyway, let me know when your browser’s finished :D

  3. Mr Chimp says:

    True….as long as you’ve already been to Google (not the best example really…)

    I don’t like the latest update to Firefox actually. It opens new tabs to the right of the current window. This seems logical enough, but if you open two new tabs, the newest will be on the right (original, new1, new2), unless you looked at the first one you opened in which case it will be the other way around (original, new2, new1) which is just really confusing.

    And they’ve taken away the “properties” window! FFS!

    Anyway, one step at a time. I’ll let you know when I’ve started making a browser :D

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